Agreement And Schedule Of Conditions Of Building Contract Without Quantities

3. The withholding of remuneration for work performed by the designated subcontractor and the supply of materials or goods by the designated supplier shall be calculated in accordance with the subcontract or.dem delivery contract and the deductible to payment for the contractor`s work. # It would seem that any proposal needs some sort of discussion and adjustment, as it is unlikely that the first proposal will be adopted immediately. It is therefore not a simple offer and acceptance transaction. In order to avoid any doubt, the terms of the agreement must be duly written and documented. #29.3 Guarantee of subcontracting and supplier to the employer 2. The contractor shall duly fulfil and comply with all the conditions, conditions, conditions, obligations, provisions and specifications of the contract, in accordance with the true intention and importance of the contract, and with the reasonable satisfaction of the architect appointed by the employer with regard to the works, or where, in the event of delay by the contractor, the guarantor causes the damage caused to the employer, as attested by the aforementioned architect, satisfied and unloaded. – up to the amount of the aforementioned written obligation, his commitment is null and void, otherwise his commitment is and will remain fully in force and effective. .