Dual Commission Agreement

Depending on the scenario, some agents may be willing to reduce the commission if buyers and sellers accept the duale agency. It is recommended that the seller negotiate two agency commissions before the house is put up for sale, so that sellers and real estate agents agree at an early stage. Or, if you don`t want to participate in a duale agency at all, this should also be discussed with your realtor before signing a list contract. It is important to note that the duale agency varies from state to state. There may be different forms of duale agency as well as, like the designated duale agency, which have something we have here in Raleigh and Charlotte. Some real estate agents will try to trick you into accepting a duale agency by offering a commission discount. Do you want to save a few thousand dollars in commission just to make the colossal mistake of overpaying ten thousand dollars or more? A typical myth of the realtor is that it is a clever tactic to go directly to the agent of the list. It`s not true! It is understandable that a dual agent has more information about the house being sold than the other agents, because the double agent was hired to sell the house. This can be advantageous for buyers, as they usually have glimpses of the home that they would not have learned if they were working with a buyer`s agent. This can also speed up the transaction process, as responses to the Assembly will be resolved more quickly. If you buy or sell a home, a duale agency should be avoided.

You should never let your realtor stop representing you exclusively. This is exactly what happens if you allow the agency alternately. YOUR real estate agent you have hired becomes a neutral party in the transaction. The law no longer allows him to represent you as he would as an exclusive buyer or seller. The buyer does not pay commission to the real estate agent; the commission is the seller`s responsibility. The seller pays the real estate company from the product and the company then pays the real estate company that cooperated, which re-performs the buyer. Thus, real estate agents are paid and, in a dual agency transaction, they are paid by both parties. The buyer is therefore responsible for the payment of the completion fee, which is generally between 1 and 2% in the state of North Carolina. Once a home has been sold, the seller pays a commission, which is usually five or six percent of the sale price, to the brokerage company with which the buyer`s representative and listing agent are linked. Agents generally share the commission, with each agent collecting a certain percentage of the commission on the total selling price, but a double agent receives the full commission.