Entitlements Under The Victorian Catholic Schools Multi Employer Agreement (2013)

Teachers and support staff in the ACT and NSW Catholic schools voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new enterprise agreement, with an overwhelming 98% in favour of its adoption. The new EA Systemic Catholic Schools said they were being published this week for discussion in chapter sessions. The IEU has received signed petitions from more than 300 schools that are increasingly showing up every day to support the Union`s position calling on the “diocesan director to resolve all outstanding issues in the NSW and ACT agreement proposal, including the right to conciliation.” In addition to all the other information you need about your new school, below some tips are relevant to your salary and conditions when you start with a new employer. A letter was distributed to Catholic school aid workers explaining why the agreement proposed to them by Catholic employers deprives them of their basic rights to work. The vote on EA`s new proposal for teachers and support staff in all Catholic schools is open… Today, Catholic teachers took union action in Sydney and rallied against the CCER`s decision to interfere with their right to arbitration in their recent enterprise contract. Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association President Liz Stuart has sent a letter to EURI President Chris Wilkinson in support of the union actions taken by IUE members in response to the CCER`s refusal to include an effective compromise clause in their recent enterprise agreement. IEUA`s main concern is that schools are unable to meet their legal obligations in terms of safety, work, health and safety. As a result, the IEUA requires an immediate end to the federal semester for all students. Christian Schools Australia provided the IEU with a copy of the information they provided to schools on the COVID-19 health crisis. The Independent Education Union (IIEU) advises its members not to sign confidentiality agreements regarding the management of NAPLAN online testing. On Wednesday, February 26, teachers and facilitators from Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bathurst, in the central west of NSW, and their union representatives were frustrated when Christina Trimble, the newly appointed principal of the diocese`s schools, cancelled negotiations on a new labour practice agreement.