Exclusive Distribution Agreement Australia

A strong distribution agreement can protect your business by defining the relationship with your resellers and protecting you from potential liability. “Hi Ian, I rarely give feedback on a service, but on this occasion I will make an exception. I was looking for a distribution agreement for our growing business in Brisbane. My lawyer quoted over $4,000 to complete it. Like most of them, I decided to do my own research and create one. I found a few examples, but none of them were exactly what we were looking for. I found your website and saw the clip and was immediately impressed with the front-end layout. At this point, I have to say that I spent about 4 days cutting and putting parts into a draft contract. For the cost of $149, we certainly couldn`t complain and decided to buy your contract template. We`re so glad we did. Impressive! Great model, well designed, covered everything we wanted in simple terms. We`ve of course added a few things as you`d expect, but overall, your model has saved me endless hours.

I first called your office, and the person I spoke to was happy, welcoming, and very helpful. The purchase was quick and smooth. We had completed 99% of the document within the next hour. Enjoy the follow-up email and definitely reuse and recommend to others. Feel free to use this email for marketing purposes. Greetings you, Kev Cooper. This distribution agreement contains information and guidance on exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements. One of the difficulties faced by exporters in establishing contracts is the lack of uniform rules throughout the world. This means that the parties must first refer to the rules set out in their agreements, which, in turn, makes it imperative to carefully draw up such contracts. Agency contracts — what are they and how are they used? These are a few places where you will receive a template for a distribution agreement to make it easier for you to enter before consulting a lawyer. If your distribution cases are more complex, it is important that you have a lawyer to help you craft the following clauses: Your agreement should contain all the terms of the agent-supplier relationship, unambiguously or unambiguously….