Halifax Shipyard Collective Agreement

“The end result is a new collective agreement that involves a path to a more respectful workplace,” Unifor President Jerry Dias said in the statement. “We also negotiated a full-time union representative at the shipyard, improved our contractual language and committed to resolving all outstanding complaints within 90 days. These contractual improvements will go a long way toward solving problems at the shipyard,” Local President 1 David Baker Mosher said in the statement. The union says the new collective agreement will increase wages by two percent in the first year and 1.5 percent for the next three years over the life of the contract and will improve employeeS` RRSP, vacation and health services. Employees at Irving Shipbuilding`s halifax yard have entered into a new four-year collective agreement. Members of the Unifor Marine Workers Federation Local 1 ratified the agreement on Monday after eight months, which the union described as “extremely difficult negotiations” in a press release. We believe that the preliminary collective agreement with the Unifor Local 1 bargaining committee is fair to the company, the union and the shipbuilders, and we are disappointed with the outcome of the ratification vote. Given that the local and national members of the EU negotiating committee have recommended that this interim agreement be accepted, we will keep the lines of communication with the Union open in the coming days, in the hope that they will reconsider their position. After an initial proposal for a collective agreement, Halifax Shipyard made two proposals to the Union to move the negotiations forward. Today, it became clear that the inclusion of a trained work professional was necessary for discussions to continue.

The shipyard is currently building Arctic and offshore patrol vessels as part of the federal government`s multi-billion euro shipbuilding program. Unifor said in a statement that Monday`s vote comes after eight months of negotiations, and Irving Shipbuilding says the collective agreement includes about 900 shipbuilders at its Halifax Shipyard plant. An interim agreement was reached last week between the union, which represents about 900 shipbuilders, and the shipyard management. Irving said the previous preliminary agreement offered workers more than $73,000 a year. But the union said the dispute was not about money, but about concerns about subcontractors, sick days and disciplinary action that prohibited workers. HALIFAX – Unifor MWF 1 has reached a new preliminary agreement with Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax. The current collective agreement expires on December 31, 2017. The vote came after a provisional agreement reached last week, after a previous interim treaty was rejected the previous week. No details of the new interim agreement will be disclosed until the union has had a chance to present the membership agreement. Halifax Shipyard builders have a well-paid career on a modern workstation that allows them and their families to plan for the future. We hope that they will reconsider their position on the proposed collective agreement. There have been construction delays, and Irving is now planning to build five or six patrol vessels.

The shipyard is expected to complete the first ship in 2018. The last one is expected to be completed in 2022. In addition to increased RRSP contributions, improved access to vacation periods and other changes to work, the proposed interim agreement would increase a cruise shipbuilder`s hourly rate to $35.32, or about $73,450 per year. We must remain competitive and provide good value to the Royal Canadian Navy, which relies on us to build, maintain and modernize its ships effectively. In recent years, we have invested more than $400 million to create safe, clean and efficient jobs for our shipbuilders. Halifax Shipyard is the most modern shipyard in North America and our work environment is on an equal footing with the most modern shipyards in the world.