Ibm Unlimited License Agreement For Channels

If you have any doubts about some of the unlimited software agreement, from deciding what goes into it to certification, seek the help of software asset management professionals such as License Dashboard. If you have a business partner familiar with IBM licensing protocols, you can save time, money, and headaches. For more information about software license information, contact your primary support staff directly or contact us here. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner and Beacon Award Winner 2020 for “Most Innovative Client Experience on Z”, Mainline has expertise that helps you solve your business challenges with IBM System z solutions. Simply put, the worst thing you can do at the end of your ULA is to have no way out. If you get to the end of your ULA and you haven`t planned your escape from that incriminating deal, you`ll be stuck in that deal and you`ll be forced to pay Oracle more money that could have been easily avoided. We are talking about millions, sometimes tens of millions of dollars. I have seen companies being forced to renew the ULA, which has cost them over $100 million. The sub-capacity license is used by customers who want to reduce the initial license and potential current S&S costs.

Sub-capacity licensing refers to licensing parties of hardware capacity below total capacity. Example: license a product for only 400 MSUs on a computer with 500 MSUs of compute capacity. Before implementing the sub-capacity license, there are several important considerations: migrating to the cloud or an unlimited license agreement for companies naturally offers benefits and can be similar. One of the most important factors that prompt companies to use one of these options is flexibility, even though this can be implemented in different forms. Another factor is that of expected growth. An unlimited software contract can offer significant discounts. The ULA (Unlimited License Agreement) remains Oracle`s preferred method of licensing its software. Many customers look at Oracle`s ULA to see if it best fits their business.