Independent Study Master Agreement

Updated July 31: The CDE FAQ in #16 states that an LEA offering independent studies must ensure that the legal requirements for distance learning set out in SB 98 are met in order to avoid exam penalties and to continue to meet the independent study requirements set out in Section 5.5 of the Education Act. With regard to the CDE FAQ #16 in the link above, what does this have to do with the fact that the independent study does not change the daily live interaction and engagement record with regard to synchronous and asynchronous contacts? It is only a reference document. The information provided does not constitute legal advice. The CCIS strongly recommends that schools contact their lawyer or accountant before responding to the information contained therein. Three connection questions for this new information: 1) Should daily live interactions take place every day with the same teacher? I have an ISIS kindergarten class in my school, and we were hoping that both teachers could zoom in with both classes. 2) Do the daily interactions apply to our families, whom we fully learned from home before the closures? We have a class-based IS program that offers hybrid classes (2-3 days a week on campus) and homebased classes (every day at home). 3) Do you process the above contribution to address this new information? Hello, CCIS. I am writing to ask some very important questions regarding the logistics of independent study during the Covid 19 pandemic. My name is Joan Weidmann and I am the Daesh general teacher for the ABC Unified School District. ABC begins the 2020-2021 school year with a fully virtual learning platform. Since personal contact will be extremely limited, I am concerned about how I will obtain the necessary signatures. In particular on the framework contract. At the last CCIS conference in Irvine, it was unclear whether electronic signatures were legally acceptable.

Are “wet” signatures mandatory during the pandemic or can I accept electronic signatures from parents and students? Please tell me the answers as soon as you have a chance. Your time is much appreciated. Thank you, Joan E. Weidmann, Professor, ABC Secondary School, Independent Study Program. CCIS wanted to offer a resource to verify the differences between independent study and the new distance learning requirements SB98 Keep in mind that no changes or modifications have been made to the independent study rules or guidelines. If you have run an independent curriculum or school, you do not need to change the legislation. The new distance learning option only applies to the 20-21 school year and is separate from independent studies. We have provided you with a reference diagram. It is not a legal document, it is only intended as a reference….