Maintenance Agreement Types

The maintenance of underwater cables is a key element for the reliability of the various services offered by telecommunications operators and OTT (Over The Top) players. In this case, the price will be after the delivery of the service (either the best obligation or obligation to obtain a result) depending on the means implemented and the time spent by the maintenance company: hourly rate, margin rate for deliveries, staff involved, etc. Table 17.1 shows a comparison between the two types of maintenance contracts. The Delaware Department of Elevater is available for preventative maintenance, recall service, repairs and testing on many types of elevator equipment. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in case of an elevator emergency. Includes two scheduled maintenance visits, two service recalls per year, all parts sketched and an annual safety/print test. This option is popular with our private customers. Note that software providers sometimes make the difference between maintenance and support. Maintenance may be limited to your ability to get upgrades for the product. However, support usually refers to your ability to get support (phone, web-based, etc.) if you have a problem or a question regarding the use of the software. Make sure you understand what your provider means through maintenance and support. In addition, for some vendors, maintenance only covers intermediate versions and patches, while larger upgrades must be paid separately.

It is the then important to define different types of clauses and liabilities. Legal clauses are essential. They contain the names of the parties, define the purpose of the contract, as well as its terms (schedule, implementation, etc.), but also property rights, confidentiality, dispute resolution, liability, social legislation, etc. While the contract varies depending on the type of service and the duration of the agreement, all contracts have some of the same basic sections. These include maintenance visits at selected intervals (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual). An annual print/security test can also be included.