Residential Tenancies Amendment (Long-Term Tenancy Agreements) Act 2018 (Vic)

1 / LONG LEASES ARE NOW EASIER Already in force is a new long-term lease of more than five years. Minimum standards: the law stipulates that at the beginning of the lease, a lessor must make available premises in a “reasonable condition” and ensure that the premises are: habitable; reasonably clean; in a reasonable state of reparation; reasonably safe (Sch 1, cl 54 (1)). There are no mandatory minimum standards in the act, nor is “reasonable condition” defined. Limiting the tendering of leases by landlords and brokers (Cl 21); The law also lists the lessor`s obligations at the beginning of the lease to ensure that the premises are clean; Suitable for the tenant to reside and in good repair. The landlord must also ensure that no health and safety legislation has been breached and that the premises meet the minimum housing standards required (s 185, paragraph 2). The bill proposes to deal with both the termination of leases and new leases for domestic violence or personal violence (Cl 236). Under the proposed amendments, a person may apply to VCAT for a contract terminating the existing contract and requiring the rental company, if he wishes, to enter into a new contract with the person mentioned in the application. Leasing, obligations and other costs related to how the law helps landlords and tenants manage the costs of a rental agreement; [Note 10] See the Amendment Residential Tenancies (Long-Term Tenancy Agreements) Act 2018 on the Website of The Law documents and the legislation on the rights of the whole. In its submission to Laying the Groundwork, Little Real Estate, Australia`s largest independent real estate agency, stated that the law should include a requirement for the tenant to declare a pet at the beginning of the lease. [Note 65] On August 21, 2018, the government announced the appointment of the first Residential Leasing Commissioner, Dr. Heather Holst. [Note 30] The Commissioner is responsible for working closely with stakeholders across the leasing sector to identify systemic issues and make recommendations to the government.

[Note 31] The Commissioner`s role was first proposed by the government as part of the Rent Fair reforms in October 2017. [Note 32] The commissioner is more of an executive position than a legislative position and is therefore not included in the bill. Other forms of housing: parks, rooming houses and other flatshares dealing with the rights and obligations of residents residing in residences, caravan parks and residential parks. [Note 14] In response to this obligation, the bill aims to introduce a number of provisions in the law to ensure the safety and assistance of victims of domestic violence in rental housing, including all elements of the Commission`s Recommendation 116. [Note 49] The law currently provides for victims of domestic violence, but only in certain circumstances, for a rented building, which has a domestic violence intervention order, a domestic violence security warning, an order of domestic violence not recognized locally or a personal security intervention order. [Note 50] Minimum standards: the law stipulates that premises must be habitable, clean, safe and meet all health and safety requirements under a rental agreement (ss 47-49). There are no mandatory minimum standards in the act. Better electrical safety standards that allow tenants to make minor changes to the property, so that pets can be capped at 4 weeks` rent in buildings and tethers, are just some of the changes.