Trump`s Middle East Peace Agreement

According to Israel Kasnett of the Jewish News Union, political changes in the United States between 2017 and 2019 are considered a paradigm shift by the Mideast Experts and Israel advocates. [56] Jane Kinninmont, who writes for Haaretz, argues that the “new” approach to economic peace has already been attempted and is not working. [57] When the plan appeared, Yehuda Shaul argued that the proposals, far from being an “unconventional approach” that broke with tradition, were in fact remarkably similar to the details of the Drobles Plan, published in the Drobles Plan, written for the World Zionist Organization, and more than 40 years earlier, 1979, entitled Master Plan for the Development of Colonies in Judea and Samaria. 1979-1983, and key elements of the old Allon plan. [58] The objective of the Drobles plan was to secure Jewish settlement in the Palestinian territories while blocking the possibility that a Palestinian state could one day emerge. [58] Kosovo and Serbia have not been able to make a joint declaration. “Each party left the meeting with its own narrative for domestic consumption,” wrote Majda Ruge of the European Council on Foreign Relations. The White House claimed victory in promoting the peace process in a long-running conflict. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic interpreted the event as a bilateral meeting with Washington aimed at improving bilateral relations. In the meantime, Kosovo crowned it to a victory because it was recognized by Israel. Recalling Resolution 476 (1980), reaffirming that the acquisition of territories by force is prohibited, the Security Council being deeply concerned about the adoption in the Israeli Knesset of a “Basic Law” that proclaims a change in the nature and status of the holy city of Jerusalem, with implications for peace and security, and notes that Israel has not complied with Resolution 476 (1980). , reaffirming its willingness to examine, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the United Nations Charter, concrete means of ensuring the full implementation of Resolution 476 (1980) in the event of non-compliance by Israel, the area of the north-east of the Jewish State (Eastern Galilee) is limited to the north and west by the Lebanese and eastern borders on the borders of Syria and Transjodanie.

It includes the entire Huleh Basin, Lake Tiberias, the entire Beisan sub-district, with the border extended to the ridge of the Gilboa Mountains and Wadi Malih. From there, the Jewish state extends to the northwest, at the border described in relation to the Arab state. The Jewish part of the coastal plain stretches from a point between Minat El-Qila and Nabi Yunis in the Gaza sub-district and includes the cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv, leaving Jaffa as an enclave of the Arab state. The eastern border of the Jewish state follows the border described in relation to the Arab state. The plan itself does not impose conditions on Israel with regard to proposals for “annexation of parts of the West Bank”. [8] On 29 January 2020, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that he intended to add 30% of the West Bank in a vote on 1 February 2020. [78] The meeting was never scheduled because the U.S. Embassy had changed its position on the annexation.

[79] However, on January 29, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel stated that prior to the annexation of the West Bank or Jordan Valley, the Trump administration “wants to create a joint committee with Israel to discuss the subject” and that it is “impossible to know how long this process will last… we must ensure that the annexation of the card in our plan is compliant. [80] The next day, January 30, Kushner said that Washington wanted Israel to wait until after the March 2 elections before taking steps to annex settlements in the West Bank. [81] On February 2, 2020, Netanyahu`s cabinet cancelled a meeting to vote on the annexation of 30% of the West Bank after receiving mixed signals from the United States. [82] On February 4, 2020, Israeli settler leader David Elhayani, the president of the Yesha Council, said, “Kushner took a knife and put it behind Netanyahu`s back.” The head of the settlers said a senior U.S. official